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Our aim at is to be the most comprehensive online community that deals with airplanes and other aircraft. It is our determination at to create a better more interactive environment where aircraft lovers can share their hopes and dreams and buy anything and everything their hearts desire. We also hope to create an environment wherein those new to the world of airplanes can learn more about this exciting and wonderful passion that so many people share.

It is our goal to promote a high standard of airplane knowledge so as to ensure that those currently piloting aircraft in our skies are aware of the dangers and the benefits of using aircraft. hopes to assist people to learn more about the basics of flying and to gain as much as possible from this truly rewarding hobby. We are concerned with providing accurate general knowledge regarding airplanes and information regarding different aircraft types.

It is our objective at to reach worldwide audiences and keep them up to date with the latest news, developments and events. It is our intention at to provide a suitable forum for discussion amongst people who share an interest in airplanes and aircraft. also provides a brilliant medium for advertisers and presents visitors to our site with a wide range of planes and products to choose from. We encourage feedback and suggestions from users of so that we can maintain our website’s high standards.



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