Alliance for Aviation Across America

The Alliance for Aviation Across America, also known as “AAAA“, is an organization dedicated to the safety of airlines, fair treatment of industry workers, and traffic control systems. It works as a representative for everyone in the industry, from small aircraft carriers in rural communities to the large carriers that operate from cities. Alliance for Aviation Across America is made up of a vast variety of members that include professional institutions, recreational organizations and pilots, agricultural supporters and even individuals that are merely aviation enthusiasts.

Membership to the AAAA can be submitted on their website, and all applicants are welcomed to join the organization and make use of their information resources. Another of the AAA’s functions is to address complaints and the safety issues of all members and represent their interests. Alliance for Aviation Across America also believes that everyone in America, even in the remote locations, have the right to air transportation and strives towards ensuring that all communities can make use of efficient and safe industry services.

Large companies have joined the AAAA as members in support of their dedication to aviation. These members include the League of Rural Voters, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, General Aviation Manufacturers Association, Air Care Alliance, National Farmers Union, MedImpact Healthcare Systems Inc, Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, and the National Business Aviation Association and many more. In addition to the larger companies that are members, there are hundreds of individuals, smaller companies and non-profit organizations that are members of the Alliance for Aviation Across America as well.

The Alliance for Aviation Across America has been extremely vocal in the fight against user fees as an unnecessary airline related taxes that will burden their industry that is focusing on safety. The AAA believes that the FAA should be investing in the upgrading and modernization of the National Air Transportation Systems and safety procedures instead of implementing higher taxes and fees.

We seldom think about aviation, but when looking at the many aspects of the air line industry it becomes clear that it is an industry that few, especially rural communities, can afford to loose. Aviation not only plays an important role in transportation but is crucial for medical care, rescue operations, security and agricultural functions. With higher taxes and user fees, some smaller communities can be crippled and the use of aircraft and helicopters can be compromised.

The Alliance for Aviation Across America welcomes everyone who wants to make a difference in the aviation industry, ensure that it remains accessible to everyone and believes in the safety of everyone that makes use of this service.