California Aircraft Expo 2012

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California Aircraft Expo 2012 offers aviation enthusiasts the opportunity to view the latest products from California’s leading aircraft manufacturers all at one venue. Manufacturers exhibiting at the event include Cessna, Piper, Diamond, Husky, Hawker Beechcraft, Pilatus, Cirrus, Lancair and more. There will also be representatives from insurance and financial institutions to offer expert advice on the paperwork side of acquiring a private aircraft. For more information visit

Date: 1 December 2012
Time: 10:00-16:00
Venue: Pacific Air Center
City: Long Beach
State: California
Country: United States

Boeing and Airbus Dominate Global Market

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With Boeing and Airbus dominating a global market valued at US$100 billion annually, the two aircraft manufacturers continue to vie for first place in this lucrative business sector. First quarter results for 2012 reveal that Boeing appears to be on course to recapture the top spot, as it delivered 137 commercial airplanes, compared to the 131 delivered by Airbus. Airbus has held the coveted number one spot since 2012, and with both manufacturers intent on increasing production of their best-sellers – the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 – they will be competing in emerging markets where medium-haul airplanes are becoming more in demand.

Boeing’s position was aided by the launch of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the enhanced version of its Boeing 747 – both of which had encountered major production delays. Among the airplanes delivered by Boeing were six Boeing 747-8s and five of the innovative carbon-composite Dreamliners. European manufacturer Airbus delivered four of its A380 superjumbos and has recently begun assembling its competitor to the Boeing 787 – the A350 – in its factory in Toulouse. It is anticipated that the A350 will enter service in mid-2014.

While airlines snapped up the fuel efficient model of the A320 in 2011, Boeing is reportedly ahead of Airbus in new orders for 2012. Furthermore, Airbus may lose some of its orders placed by China if the current conflict over emissions between the European Union and a group of countries including China is not resolved.

Just this week London Heathrow became the 200th airport welcome the Boeing 747-8, after having determined that the new airliner meets requirements for operating safely within an airport environment. Currently the Boeing 747-8 is the only airplane with a capacity of more than 400 seats approved by over sixty airports worldwide.

While cost-cutting may be a priority for commercial air travel, the world’s super-rich are offering Boeing and Airbus a new source of revenue. In early March this year a bespoke Boeing 747-8, dubbed the 747-VIP, took off from Paine Field near Seattle for delivery to an unnamed customer in the Middle East. Airbus is reportedly working on an A380 for the Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, with the original plans making provision for transporting two Rolls-Royces, horses and camels, and a rotating prayer room which will always point toward Mecca. Business people in emerging and fast-growing economies such as China and Russia are also entering the market for larger long-range planes providing direct service to their destinations.

Leesburg Executive Air Show 2010

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The Leesburg Executive Airport 2010 Air Show will be hosted on 23 October 2010, and the entry to the show is free of charge. Magnificent aerial and static displays will be available, with displays of flight schools, experimental aircraft, helicopters and aircraft manufacturers on the ground. In the air, visitors can look forward to seeing Kirk Wicker, David Brown, Jane Wicker, Rudy Lakin and Ron Saglimbene.

The Leesburg Executive Airport website features all the details of the show, including the hangar dance and other show features. Visit

Date: 23 October 2010
Venue: Leesburg Executive Airport
City: Leesburg, Virginia
Country: United States of America

China’s Aircraft Design Almost Complete

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With the popularity and rising demand for air travel in China, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, under the leadership of Wu Guanghui, began to design a commercial aircraft that will suit the needs of the aviation industry. A model of the aircraft was recently revealed, and Wu Guanghui spoke to the media in regard to the design process and vision that he has for the aircraft. It is estimated that the design will be completed by the end of 2010, revealing a new era of Chinese aviation to the world.

The new aircraft, named C919, will offer a range of features to increase the comfort of passengers, as designers are striving to improve on the designs used by trusted carriers such as Airbus and Boeing. One of the main design features will be bigger seating for passengers, as the C919 will be able to give passengers additional centimeters to ensure a comfortable journey. The new aircraft will still be able to provide seating for 150 passengers, with six seats being available in each row, but customers will have the choice between widening the aisle space or the seating size. With the correct outlay, the C919 team hopes to achieve new design innovation and move forward in the development of future commercial aircraft.

Another feature that will create interest amongst customers is the fact that the C919 will be ten percent more cost efficient than its contemporaries. A decrease in maintenance and running costs will lead to cheaper airfares, allowing the aviation industry to gain more passengers and offer affordability to the public. The maiden flight for the C919 will take place in 2014, and it is hoped that carriers will be able to accept delivery of the C919 by 2016. Wu Guanghui has predicted estimated sales to be at approximately 2000 units, saying: “I believe we can sell more than 2,000 aircraft, in general, the 150-seat aircraft has a breakeven point of approximately 300 units.” The new C919, will be developed and new models designed to grow with the industry and the demand of the public. It is foreseen that with the rate of growth in air travel in China that more than 2000 units will be needed in the country alone. The aviation industry will be waiting in anticipation to see the C919 take to the skies.


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Airbus opened for business in 1970, and by 2006 had grown to employ 55,000 people. Airbus manufactures aircraft that have more than 100 seats. Based in Toulouse in France, Airbus is an European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company. They produce 14 different aircraft, including the A380, which will have seating for 555 people and be the world’s largest civil airliner.

Airbus also manufactures aerial tankers used for military transport and in-flight refueling. Airbus plants are located across Europe. Each plant manufactures various sections of the aircraft, which are completely assembled in Toulouse and Hamburg.


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Based in Chicago, Boeing manufactures commercial jets and military aircraft, rotor craft, missiles, launch vehicles, defense and electronic systems, and communications systems. The company employs more than 155,000 people in 67 countries. Boeing’s long history includes development of bombers, fighter planes, and surveillance aircraft. In 1997, Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a highly efficient airplane that made its first flight on December 15, 2009.

Boeing‘s Phantom Works division is based in St. Louis, Mo. and employs approximately 2,600 employees. It provides cutting-edge technology for aerospace needs, homeland security, and air traffic control as well as composite materials and advanced avionics.


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In 1986, Bombardier entered the aircraft manufacturing business when it acquired Canadair, a manufacturer based in Canada. In 1989, it also acquired Short Brothers, a Northern Ireland manufacturer of military and civil aircraft, and defense systems. In 1990, Bombardier acquired Learjet Corporation, manufacturer of the Learjet business jet. Bombardier currently designs and manufactures the CRJ series of commercial airliners, smaller aircraft of around 50 seats. They also have a line of business aircraft, including the Learjet. The Bombardier Aerospace Bombardier 415 is an amphibious aircraft used for firefighting, search and rescue, surveillance, and for other purposes.


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Cessna Aircraft Company was established in 1927 and manufactures a range of aircraft for the private and business sectors. Cessna is perhaps best known for the 172, a single-engine piston airplane that is one of the most popular trainers of all time. Cessna also manufactures the Citation business jet and the Caravan, a freight and passenger utility aircraft. The company continues to develop piston as well as jet engine airplanes. In September of 2006, the Federal Aviation Administration approved type rating certification for the proposed Cessna Mustang which will be the world’s first entry level business jet. Cessna reports that in 2005 they delivered 1,157 aircraft with revenues of about $3.5 billion.


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Cirrus Design was originally founded in 1984 as a kit plane manufacturer. Today, Cirrus produces the SR20 and SR22 single-engine piston aircraft that feature an emergency deployable parachute known as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). In 1998, Cirrus received FAA Type Certification for the four-seat SR20 which is built from composite materials. In 2000, Type Certification was awarded to Cirrus for the SR22, a faster aircraft than the SR20, and with more available options.

Cirrus Design has also contributed to the development of the Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) for the U.S. Department of Defense. Cirrus was responsible for manufacturing the empennage, wings, and fuselage.

Diamond Aircraft

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Diamond Aircraft began in 1981 as Hoffmann Flugzeugbau when it developed the H36 motor glider. In 1985, the company became Diamond Aircraft Industries. It now manufactures general aviation aircraft, including single-engine jets as well as single and twin-engine propeller airplanes.

Though based in Austria, Diamond also has facilities in Canada. At AirVenture 2006, Diamond Aircraft unveiled the D-jet, a personal, single engine jet. Each year Diamond Aircraft is expanding and growing.

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