The Multipurpose Antilles Super Goose

The dedicated staff of Antilles Seaplanes LLC have been diligently working on research and development leading to the production of the new “Antilles Super Goose“, a multi-purpose amphibious aircraft. Antilles Seaplanes LLC is now in a position to start accepting deposit orders for this unique airplane. The Super Goose is based on the legendary Grumman G-21 Goose which first took to the air in 1936 – an era which many consider to be the “Golden Age” of flying.

Operating from a 20,000 square foot facility in Gibsonville, North Carolina, USA, Antilles Seaplanes LLC is set to expand with additional facilities at the Burlington Alamance County Regional Airport. The specifications of the new Antilles Super Goose more than meet current day aviation standards. The airplane features numerous technological improvements over the original Grumman G21, including turboprop engines, carbon fiber composite material technology, the latest in glass panel avionics and interior environmental systems.

The twin-engine, ten-seat Antilles Super Goose with fully retractable landing gear, is the most versatile aircraft on the market. With the ability to take off and land on paved runways, water (minimum depth of 36 inches), remote grass strips, rough dirt strips and snow, this rugged multipurpose airplane offers safety, speed, cross wind ability, rough water capability, payload advantage, economic viability, corrosion protection and extensive range. The Antilles Super Goose can quickly adapt to accommodate various needs, such as civilian, military and humanitarian support. Seaplanes have the advantage of being easier to fly than helicopters, as well as being less expensive and having a longer range.

Interest in the Antilles Super Goose is coming from a variety of places, including South Africa, Guatemala and Fiji. The government of Greece has shown an interest in these unique airplanes to fly to, and between, the Greek islands, and a man in Palm Beach, Florida, is looking at getting one to fly him and his jet-skis to and from his private island.

No other aircraft manufacturer in the world is currently building seaplanes and it is not clear at this stage what the market requirement will be, but the management of Antilles Seaplanes LLC are confident that the new Antilles Super Goose will have its place in the competitive field of aviation.