Date Last Updated: July 17, 2019

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  • F135 Completes First Supersonic Flight Successfully

    United Technologies Corporation Pratt & Whitney enjoyed another successful demonstration of their F135 engine earlier this week. The engine was used to power an F-35 Lightning II in a ...

  • Biofuel Research Led by Pratt & Whitney

    Pratt & Whitney Canada recently announced that it was heading up an aerospace industry-university research effort designed to investigate which biofuels might be potentially used to power small ...

  • McGuire Air Expo – An Aviation Extravaganza

    The McGuire Air Expo, which is set to take place on 31 May and 1 June 2008 at the McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, USA, promises aviation enthusiasts two days packed with thrilling ...

  • Tour the Amazing Royal Air Force Museum

    The Royal Air Force Museum is the only national museum in Britain which is completely dedicated to aviation. The museum is consists of two separate sites: Hendon in North London, and Cosford in ...

  • Spring Flying Begins in the Far North – Airplanes

    I live at a latitude that's north of 60 degrees. Winter held its grip on us even longer this year than usual. It's only been in the last few weeks that the ice has melted on the lakes. Several ...

  • Memphis Airshow 2011

    Visitors will find something exciting for everyone at Memphis Airshow 2011, presented by FedEx Express at Millington Regional Jetport. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will headline the show, which ...

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    Hosted by Ohio State University at the Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) Date: May 7th-12th 2007

  • Glossary

    Every so often while browsing our website you may come across terms that are unfamiliar to you. For this reason we have included a Glossary on the website. This short list of words and their definitions is designed to give our users a brief understanding of the various flight-related terms. If you find a term on the website that you do not understand or even if you find one on ...

  • FAI World Aerobatic Competition

    The 24th FAI World Aerobatic Championship will be held June 24-July 4, 2007 in Granada, Spain at the Armilla Military Base. The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (“FAI”), or World Air Sports Federation, began in 1905. The FAI is a private, non-profit organization whose goal is to advance aeronautical and astronautical activities around the world. They are recognized as the ...

  • Oakland Flying Club

    Located in Oakland, California at the Oakland International Airport (OAK), the Oakland Flyers flying club and training facility was founded in 1989. The Club owns 13 airplanes, including Cessna 152s, Cessna 172s, one Piper Archer, as well as Piper Warriors, one Bellanca Citabria, and one twin-engine Beech Duchess. The Club also owns a Frasca 142 Flight Simulator where simulated flight time ...

  • Paramus

    The Paramus Flying Club is situated at two locations: One at The Essex County Caldwell (CDW) and the other at the Linden Airports in New Jersey (LDJ). The Club was formed 50-years ago and is a non-profit organization with four airplanes that include two Cessna 172 Skyhawks, one (high-performance) Skylane C182, and one complex, high-performance Cessna 182 RG.

  • A & E Flying Club

    Located at Hawthorne Airport (HHR) in Los Angeles, California, the A & E Flying Club is a non-profit organization with fifty active members. It owns four airplanes: two Cessna 172Ms, one Cessna 182Q, and one Cessna 177RG. The planes can be rented for flight training but the certified flight instructor must be club-approved.


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