Famous Missions

There are a host of military missions which have been carried out with the use of aircraft. Some have been defining, even life-saving, while others are renowned due to the apparent improbability of success. Many of these legendary tales have found their way into the history books and newspapers, crowning brave pilots with awards of honor.

This page of Airplanes.com is dedicated to some of the hallmarked missions of aviation history, whether well-known or somewhat more obscure. As this topic is more readily passed down over a few mugs of beer at the local aviators bar rather than in print, contributions to this section are most welcome. If you know of a legendary military mission and would like to see it posted here, please email the details to us and we will research it further for use on our site. In time we are certain that this section of our website will grow into a fairly large database, detailing a number of interesting war-time stories that resulted in both success and failure. In doing so we will honor the memory of those pioneering pilots that took to the sky many years ago.