Every aviator that takes to the skies must know the laws of the skies and where they are going. They also need to know how to keep themselves, their aircraft and their passengers safe. Flying may be thrilling, but it is also risky business – especially if an inexperienced person attempts to get behind the wheel of an aircraft. This section of will not only provide you with some basic safety tips, but help you to find manuals, draw up flight plans and learn more about flying regulations in your own country. Besides this, you will find newsletters and photographs relating to the sport.

A glossary is another feature of the sight which enables those new to the aviation world to better understand what they are learning on this site. However, the value of finding a good instructor who will be able to teach you the practical and theoretical aspects of flying an aircraft in your own country can not be stressed enough. Always make sure that you are qualified to take to the skies before you head down the runway.