This section of will discuss a range of different types of aircraft, including cargo aircraft which are used by the military and commercially. We also discuss military surplus aircraft, which can be found for sale on the internet. Another fascinating aspect of aviation are the many museums housing aircraft that are considered to be antique and collectable, and we look at this in further detail. Antique and collectable aircraft memorabilia can also be found at antique stores and for sale online.

The need to land aircraft in remote areas has given rise to the invention of the float plane which lands on and takes off from bodies of water. The history and functioning of float planes will be discussed further.

Commuter airplanes have made a significant contribution in making the world a global village, and we investigate this further. Homebuilt aircraft is an interesting hobby to pursue and many different kits are available as well as regulating authorities to ensure your homebuilt aircraft is air-worthy. Helicopters are unique aircraft due to their ability to hover and change direction easily, and we peer closer into the design of helicopters. So join us for a closer look at the wonders of aviation.