Russia Airports

Russia has become an increasingly popular travel and business destination. Most people who arrive in the country do so either on an international flight or aboard a private aircraft. Once in Russia, many prefer to travel around the country aboard a train or to make use of some other form of public transport such as a taxi service. There are a number of airports in the country, with the majority being located in the European part of Russia and only a few scattered across the Asian part of the country, with a particular emphasis on the northeastern coast. Those piloting their own aircraft should take care to find only civilian airports since there are also a number of airports which are limited strictly to the use of military aircraft.

Visitors arriving in Moscow will find that there are three main airports, with Domodedovo International Airport being the most popular. However, British Airways and Swiss Air are the only international airlines authorized to land at this airport. If you are unable to book your flight through these two airlines, you will most likely land at Sheremetyevo International Airport which is the country’s main international airport. In St Petersburg the main airports are Pulkovo 1, which caters to domestic flights, and Pulkovo 2, which handles international flights. Other notable airports in Russia include Vladivostok and Belgorod.

You can book your tickets over the Internet or through a reputable travel agency, but should always remember to make travel arrangements to and from the airport since some airports do not have good transport links.