Sweden Airports

Sweden is a beautiful country located on the Scandinavian peninsula. Boasting immense natural beauty with abundant forests and lakes, Sweden is a prime tourist destination. The many airports in the country ensure easy access to different cities, making it a pleasure to explore this picturesque Nordic country. One of the airports that you might come across on your travels is the Gothenburg City Airport, the second biggest airport in that area. At the airport you can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee at the café and restaurant situated there if you have some time to spare. The weekends are a little different as the café and restaurant will only open if there is a scheduled flight coming in at that time. But never fear there is a little cafeteria in the Departure lounge where you can help yourself to a snack before you head to your next destination.

All the usual facilities are available, like baby changing room and toilets, as well as facilities for the disabled. If you are arriving at the Gothenburg City airport you will find a taxi rank at the airport where you can also organize a limousine if you so desire. Although the airport is only 12 km away from Gothenburg city center, travelers are warned that nightime fares can be very expensive. You can also take an airport bus from the airport to the Bus and Rail Station in Gothenburg city, which will take you about 40 minutes and leaves 45 minutes after each scheduled flight that comes in.

The other airport that services the region incorporating Gothenburg city is Landvetter International airport. This airport is rated the second biggest airport in terms of the numbers of passengers that pass through its doors, after Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. The name Landvetter comes from the small city it’s situated near about 20 km away from Gothenburg, Sweden. You will find a restaurant and a couple of shops while you are there, as well as a hotel located nearby.