Adventures in Aviation – Celebrating Flight in Georgia

There have been so many changes and advances in the history of aviation that the roots of aviation are often overlooked. Georgia has a wonderful aviation heritage that started a hundred years ago, and is being celebrated at the Adventures in Aviation event that pays respect to the one hundred years of aviation in Georgia. On 20 October 2007, the McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport will host the Adventures in Aviation celebration, an aviation extravaganza for the entire family to enjoy.

Ben Epps is known as the founder of flight in Georgia. In 1907, he managed to get his aircraft to lift fifty feet into the air and travel for approximately a hundred yards. This achievement was documented as the first recorded flight in Georgia. He continued designing and building aircraft that he also tested. In 1926, Epps had finally created an airplane that could travel at a speed of sixty miles an hour. His love of and dedication to the aviation industry was embraced by his children, with Ben Jr. becoming the youngest pilot to lead a solo flight at the age of thirteen. Pat Epps now owns Epps Aviation, keeping the passion for flight and airplanes alive.

The Adventures in Aviation celebration has a wide variety of activities to entertain the entire family. Visitors will be able to take a ride in a tethered hot air balloon, marvel at the great range of vintage aircraft that will be on display and walk through the marvelous aviation related exhibits and food stalls. Children will be thrilled by the skill of the Guinness Book of World Records holder, Ken Blackburn, who will be on hand to demonstrate and teach guests how to fold paper airplanes. There will also be a screening of “The Flight of the Navigator”, a Disney movie that everyone will enjoy, together with a soda and large popcorn. This wonderful event reminds us of the determination and many obstacles that aviation enthusiasts had to face, and the magnificent improvements and developments that have stemmed from their efforts.

For a fascinating glimpse into the history of flight in Georgia, and aviation worldwide, visit the Adventures in Aviation celebration, and join the magical world of flight and dreams. It is a tribute to all the Ben Eppses of the world and to the pilots who risked their lives so that today we may travel in comfort and luxury through the endless skies.