Tour the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

The USS Intrepid was nicknamed The Fighting “I” and was commissioned into military action in 1942, during World War II. She was used as an aircraft carrier and was instrumental in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. After a short decommission, she underwent a modernization process and rejoined the United States Navy as an attack carrier in the 1950s. Intrepid also fulfilled a role as an antisubmarine carrier and participated in the Vietnam War. She also assisted the space industry by being the recovery ship for the Gemini and Mercury missions. Even though she was instrumental in various missions, she also spent a lot of time in the dry docks for repairs. She was officially decommissioned in 1974.

Intrepid was brought back into duty in 1982, not as the war machine she was originally but as a museum that is now known as the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. As one of the most prolific war ships in the history of the United States, it is only fitting that she would become the vessel that would educate the public and visitors on the history of war. She also stands as a monument to all the soldiers who worked aboard her, as well as every soldier who fought in the same wars she did. Almost a million visitors walk aboard the Intrepid each year, and there are exhibits for both young and old to enjoy, also providing interactive exhibits and educational programs for school groups. The A-6 Cockpit Simulator is one of the most popular attractions in the museum, as well as the Fleet Week celebrations that are hosted by the museum to honor all military personnel.

The Hangar Deck is the heart of the Intrepid. It is the major indoor exhibit of the museum, as it takes visitors on an in-depth tour of the ship that has so much historical value. The Flight Deck goes hand in hand with the Hangar Deck, as it not only allows visitors to experience the adventure of discovering the bridges and islands of ship, but has a massive display of aircraft. Visitors are also allowed to explore the restoration tent where these historical aircraft are kept in pristine condition, and a concord is amongst the collection. The Exploreum Hall is an extension of these first two decks as it focuses on the history of the Intrepid, as well as zones made especially for children where space, life on the seas and in the air is highlighted. For those who have always dreamed of exploring a submarine, the Growler Museum will give them that opportunity, as well as a look at a missile command centre that was once a top secret facility. The Gallery Deck hosts the Pilot Ready Room, information on marine berthing and a variety of combat information. After exploring this massive ship, visitors to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum are invited to get a bite to eat at the mess deck or at the Au Bon Pain Café.