Gulfstream Launches New Super-midsize G250

Aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream took advantage of the NBAA in Orlando to launch their brand new G250 on October 5, 2008. The successor to the G200, which has been in use since 2000, the G250 looks set to be bigger and better in every conceivable way and it should dominate the super mid-size sector from 2011 when it becomes commercially available.

The incredible new G250 has been announced as having the largest cabin, the fastest speed and the longest range – to name a few of its incredible features. No wonder that the aircraft is already turning heads. While the aircraft is still in the testing phase, it is already doing incredibly well. According to Gulfstream, the aircraft is scheduled to take to the air for its first test flight during the second half of 2009 and it should be certified and ready for delivery by 2011. The superior performance of the G250 is in part due to the twin Honeywell HTF7250G engines that have been chosen to power the airplane. Each of these engines is capable of creating 7 445 pounds of thrust whilst simultaneously being incredibly fuel-efficient. All this adds to the appeal of the G250, since the engines not only reduce emissions but enjoy longer maintenance intervals and sizable decreases in noise levels. The performance of the airplane is further enhanced by a transonic wing design that makes for improved takeoff and high-speed cruise optimization.

Another feature of this great new aircraft is the improved cabin comfort that has been built into the aircraft’s design. The airplane has 17 to 35% more floor space than any other super mid-sized business jet, giving the G250 the largest cabin in its class. This provides plenty of room for things such as a larger lavatory, increased storage space and an improved gallery. The PlaneView® 250 cockpit has been fitted into the G250, ensuring that the aircraft has the most advanced flight deck available in its class. The PlaneView 250 is just one of the many extra features that have been fitted into the cockpit, and pilots will also benefit from the likes of things such as Standby Multi-function Controllers, duel Flight Management Systems, dual Gulfstream signature Cursor Control Devices and a MultiScanâ„¢ weather radar and dual auto-throttle system. The systems fitted into the aircraft are incredibly reliable, while Israel Aerospace Industries will be involved in the initial phase of the G250s manufacturing process. The final phase will, of course, take place at the Gulfstream Centre of Excellence facility in Dallas. Clearly the new G250 will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.