Middle East Business Aviation 2014

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Taking place on 8-10 December 2014, MEBA is the leading business aviation event in the Middle East. More than 400 exhibitors will be attending the event, including Boeing, Gulfstream, Bell Helicopter and Pratt & Whitney. For more information visit www.meba.aero

Middle East Business Aviation
Date: 8 to 10 December 2014
Location: Dubai World Central
Country: UAE

Gulfstream’s G650 and G280 Flying Green

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Showing the company’s commitment to green fuels, Gulfstream flew all five of its display and demonstration airplanes to NBAA 2012 in Orlando on a blend of Jet A and biofuel, a mix that is calculated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 68 percent. Called Honeywell Green Jet Fuel, the biofuel is manufactured from the natural oil extracted from camelina – an inedible and fast-growing member of the mustard family that can tolerate conditions other food crops can’t, or can be grown in rotation with cereal crops, making it a promising biofuel crop. Gulfstream’s aircraft displayed at NBAA 2012 included the G550, G450, G150 and the recently certified Gulfstream G650 and G280.

In a recent press release, Gulfstream noted that the G650 has demonstrated its ability to fly faster and further than any other airplane in the competitive category of business jets. With a range of 6,000 nautical miles at Mach 0.90, the G650 can fly nonstop between a number of high traffic destinations, including between Shanghai and London, and New York and Dubai, completing a 6,000 nm trip in twelve hours. Promoted as the ‘gold standard in business aviation’, the G650’s maximum cruise speed is Mach 0.925, while its Rolls-Royce BR725 engines burn less fuel and produce a lower rate of emissions than competing airplanes currently do. Taller, wider and longer than any other cabin in its class, up to eighteen people can be comfortable accommodated in the G650 cabin, with buyers having the option of twelve floor plans to suit specific needs. Claiming to be the ‘most technologically advanced business aircraft in the sky’, the G650 boasts a host of safety features, including the Head-up Display (HUD) II, Enhanced Vision System (EVS) II™ and the Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD).

Visitors to NBAA 2012 had a chance to view the Gulfstream G280 – a mid-sized jet with the capability of covering a distance of 3,600 nm at Mach 0.80. Providing seating for up to ten passengers in a quiet cabin featuring large windows, the G280 is designed with comfort in mind. The advanced PlaneView280™ cockpit improves safety by decreasing pilot workload and enhancing situational awareness. Other safety features in the cockpit include optional HUD II guidance systems and Enhanced Vision Systems II.

Gulfstream 3

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Grumman Aerospace developed the C-20D Gulfstream III primarily as a business jet, though the airplane has also fulfilled many other roles, including those on behalf of the United States military and NASA. The C-20D Gulfstream III’s all-weather capability, combined with its speed and extensive range have made it very popular for businesses and government agencies that have mission-critical requirements.

The C-20D Gulfstream III prototype completed its first flight on February 12, 1979. Four years later, the final version entered production. Depending on how the interior compartments are arranged, the C-20D Gulfstream III can carry up to eight passengers.

In 2003, NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center needed an aerial research platform for testing and research, one that was capable of performing subsonic flight. They found their solution in a modified C-20A Gulfstream III which was supplied to them by the United States Air Force. All Gulfstream III aircraft sold to the military received the C-20A designation. Those used for transporting important government officials or special air missions were designated C-20B. The C-20B versions of the Gulfstream III came standard with high-tech communications equipment.

In case of nuclear war or other national catastrophe, the military keeps a fleet of Gulfstream III aircraft on hand, designated as C-20C Gulfstream IIIs. The United States Army and Navy versions of the Gulfstream III transport are the C-20D and C-20E. The C-20B Gulfstream III has been used extensively by American forces during both wars in Iraq and the Middle East.

Maximum speed: Mach 0.85
Cruise speed: 459 knots
Range: 3,767 nm
Ceiling: 45,000
Length: 88 ft 4
Wingspan: 77 ft 10
Height: 24 ft 6
Maximum weight: 69,700
Empty weight: 38,000 lb
Engine(s): Two SPEY-MK511-8 Turbofan engines with 11,400 pounds of thrust each
Rate of climb: 4,049′ per minute
Crew: Three, including pilot, first officer, and crew chief.
Passengers: Up to 12

Though Gulfstream no longer manufactures the C-20 Gulfstream III or any of its variations, the Grumman continues to produce mid-size business jets, some of which are based on the technology developed for the Gulfstream III. Many of the original C-20 Gulfstream III jets remain in service both in the corporate and military sectors.

General Dynamics

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General Dynamics is based in Falls Church, Virginia and has 81,900 employees around the world. The Aerospace group of General Dynamics is comprised of General Dynamics Aviation Services and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

Beginning in 1958, Gulfstream Aerospace has specialized in designing and manufacturing advanced corporate jet aircraft. This includes mid-size and large cabin airplanes from the Gulfstream G100 to the Gulfstream G550.

General Dynamics Aviation Services performs maintenance and refurbishment work as well as airframes and avionics. Their facilities are located in the United States and United Kingdom.

Women in Aviation International Trade Show

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Women in Aviation International (WAI) sponsors the International Women in Aviation Trade Show which in 2007 is expected to draw more than 3,000 women and men involved in all aspects of aviation, and the event is collaboration with Walt Disney World. Theme Park packages for trade show participants and their families with licensed childcare available for those traveling with families.

At the WAI, trade show exhibitors are scheduled to include Cessna Aircraft Company, Cirrus Design, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA), Gulfstream Training Academy, and the Ninety-Nines Inc.

Among the seminars scheduled during the event is “Learn to Fly” which will be presented by Julie Boatman, certificated flight instructor and technical editor for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association magazine AOPA Pilot. At this seminar, you’ll learn the basics about how to obtain a pilot’s license. Pilot education seminars will include “The Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft,” “An Instructors/Student Guide to Teaching Glass Cockpits,” and “Teaching the Emergency Turn Back to the Runway.” Career Development seminars will include “Pilot Job Market: Trends for the HR Professional,” “Professional Pilot: Supply and Demand,” and “Strategic Marketing for Professional Flight Instructors.” If you’re interested in maintenance and engineering, consider attending “Aircraft Design: Concept to Reality,” “Today’s Rosie the Riveter,” “Women in Aviation – Past, Present and Future,” and “How Women Are Changing the Face of Aviation.”

Among the invited keynote speakers are Marion Blakey, FAA Administrator, Will Whitehorn, President of Virgin Galactic, Major Nicole Malachowski, USAF Thunderbird Pilot, Bonnie Dunbar, President of the Seattle Museum of Flight, and Capt. Betty Uhrig, Chevron Global Aviation’s Chief Pilot.

In addition to a silent auction, there will also be a Scholarship Awards Banquet and WAI Pioneer Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Registration for the International Women in Aviation Trade Show is available online. The Web site for the International Women in Aviation Trade Show is http://www.wai.org/07conference/index.cfm. For questions about the conference, you can contact the WAI at 937-839-4647. Mention you heard about the trade show from us at airplanes.com!

The next International Women in Aviation Trade Show will be held at Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida from February 15-17, 2007 (Thursday through Saturday)

Middle East Business Aviation Expo

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Dubai is known as one of the most magnificent destinations in the world. Not only does it have a strong economy and stable infrastructure, but it is a city that seems to continue growing and has seen numerous breathtaking construction projects and challenges come to life. The tourism industry within Dubai is expanding every year and lures thousands of international visitors with its luxury hotels, attractions, shopping opportunities and exciting experiences offered. Dubai is also a major hub for business, and one of the most popular events on the aviation calendar, is the Middle East Business Aviation expo.

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Gulfstream Launches New Super-midsize G250

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Aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream took advantage of the NBAA in Orlando to launch their brand new G250 on October 5, 2008. The successor to the G200, which has been in use since 2000, the G250 looks set to be bigger and better in every conceivable way and it should dominate the super mid-size sector from 2011 when it becomes commercially available.

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Don’t Miss Jet Expo Moscow 2008

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Everybody who is anybody in the Russian aviation industry will likely be making an appearance at the Jet Expo Moscow 2008. Though the Jet Expo is still a relatively new event – having been conceived in 2006 and held annually since then – it continues to set the standard in Russian international business aviation exhibitions.

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