Aviation University in Bangalore

It is going to be the world’s first and much excitement is growing in the aviation industry as the new project to create an integrated aviation university gets under way. This joint venture will see all aspects of aviation being taught and studied at one facility. The university, which will be named the CAPA AeroPark, should be completed in 2010 and will be constructed in Bangalore, India. Students and faculty members will be able to make use of a variety of facilities, all aimed at enhancing the entire aviation industry.

The Subramanya Construction and Development Company, which is based in Bangalore, recently signed an agreement with the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, Sydney, to begin the construction of the CAPA AeroPark, in which $125 million will be invested into this joint project. A site of fifty acres has been set aside for the university, and every field of aviation will be offered at the campus. Needless to say, state-of-the-art technology will be brought in for the development of the students. Also, satellite academies will be made available for students in Mumbai and Delhi. Even cabin crew, air traffic controllers, regulators and airport management staff will be able to gain from the university. Student pilots will have flight simulators and a flying school, while research centers, engineering workshops and laboratories open a new door of opportunity for students. As the demand for air travel increases each year, a shortfall of pilots is experienced, and the CAPA AeroPark hopes to assist in training new, highly skilled pilots for the aviation industry.

Over and above the educational facilities, the university will have accommodation available for faculty members and students, a convention centre, recreational facilities and even a hotel for visitors. Amit Dasgupta, the Consul General of India in Sydney, Australia, was quoted saying: “This facility is in response to a felt need for trained aviation personnel in India given the rapid growth that is envisaged in India’s aviation industry over the next few years. It further enhances the growing Australia-India trade and investment relations.”