Japan Airports

Japan is a wonderful country to visit, with many different activities and sights to do and see. With Japan being so accessible by plane and other forms of transport, it is definitely a must if you want an exciting trip. There are many airports to make traveling to all the cities you may want to explore a convenient and speedy experience. Kansai International Airport, or Osaka Airport, is a phenomenal airport to fly into as it is situated on an artificial island on the Osaka Bay. It is off the shore of the Sennan district in Japan’s Osaka.

If the Narita, Chiba area in Japan is where you want to visit then you will need to use the Narita International Airport, which is found in the eastern part of the Greater Tokyo area. Another airport that also serves the Greater Tokyo Area is the New Tokyo International Airport, found in Ota, Tokyo, Japan. The New Tokyo airport is also known as Haneda Airport to distinguish it from Narita airport, as they are both main airports that serve that area. Narita International does most of the international flights, where as Haneda Airport focuses mainly on domestic with only one international flight to Gimpo International Airport in Seoul, South Korea.

If you do manage to visit Japan here are a few of the things you should look out for to make your holiday all the more worthwhile. One of the more popular forms of entertainment throughout the country is the Amusement and theme parks, which there are many to choose from. One in particular is the Tokyo Disney Resort. For less commercial entertainment you can go see the natural, mineral hot springs, and there are many of them, for a relaxing swim and where you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings while gaining different health benefits. Then there is Japanese pop music you can look more into or Enka, which is focused on more the older Japanese generation. If getting more involved is more your thing, Japan also has Karaoke bars and there are slot machines and pinball for the youngsters.