Jetpack Makes an Impression

It has taken over $9 million and thirty years for the jetpack that is being funded by Martin Aircraft Company and designed by Glenn Martin to take to the skies. A dummy pilot was strapped into the device for testing, and everyone seems happy with the outcome of the test flight, even though it seems that there is a little work to be done in regard to landing the device. Since being aired on the internet, the jetpack seems to have generated a lot of interest and it is hoped that in the future the jetpack could become a tourist activity.

On the test flight the jetpack lifted into the air and reached a height of 1.5 kilometers above sea level. It has been designed to fly at speeds of a hundred kilometers an hour and has a two liter jet powered engine. It weighs a hundred and fifteen kilograms. The jetpack was brought down to earth with a parachute and it seems that the dummy pilot was jerked around on his way down to the ground, coming to a sudden stop. The jetpack did sustain some damage, but in all it was deemed to be a successful test flight, as it has now been proven that the jetpack is able to fly. With the information gathered from the flight, developers are positive that the jetpack can be improved upon and be made available to the public.

Wealthy businessmen have shown their interest in owning a jetpack by putting in orders for it, but Martin Aircraft Company has confirmed that personal orders have been set aside for now, as the device would have to be tested by military agencies and recue organizations. Chief Executive of the company, Richard Lauder, commented: “It makes sense to start this up at our Christchurch base but ultimately we want to take to Australia, the US and the rest of the globe too.”

They vision is that the jetpack will become an attraction, such as bungy jumping or skydiving, and was listed as the 50 Best Inventions by Time magazine. It seems that there has also been interest shown by emergency services and the military, and the company hopes that as time passes their jetpack product will become a great earning global product.