Maui’s Fascinating Paper Airplane Museum

If you love airplanes and are planning a trip to Hawaii soon, you simply have to make a stop at the Paper Airplane Museum in Maui. This stunning airplane museum is a treat for young and old alike, making use of the art of paper folding as well as many other forms of paper art to create beautiful replicas of popular aircraft.

The Paper Airplane Museum is situated in Kaahamanu Avenue, Kahului, in Central Maui and it is an absolutely brilliant addition to any holidaymaker’s vacation plans. This relatively small space showcases some 2000 different models that have been brought together from various locations around the world. The creativity needed to create such masterpieces is clearly evident and one can only admire the skill, time and patience that must have gone into completing each piece. The smallest models are roughly the same size as a postage stamp and their intricate little details are a delight to see. The biggest models have wingspans measuring an impressive 6 feet or more and one almost expects to find a remote control next to them, as they are so realistic. However it is highly unlikely that you will find anything less than an excellent glider at this museum of creativity since the museum guidelines stipulate that all airplanes must be made of at least 95% paper or paper products.

Not everything in the museum is paper. You will also find an entire section dedicated to Hawaii’s aviation history as well as a number of unique and creative tin can replicas. The Paper Airplane Museum is open from Monday to Saturday and admission is completely free so there is really no excuse not to visit. However, when you see just how amazing the museum’s collection is, you might be moved to give a voluntary donation that will go a long way towards keeping the museum open and in good repair. You might also consider buying a book or model at the museum’s gift shop where a small percentage of the proceeds are also used in the upkeep of the museum. So visit Hawaii’s Paper Airplane Museum and discover a whole new world of aircraft and aviation!