GX Light Sport Aircraft Unveiled by Remos at Oshkosh

The Experimental Aircraft Association‘s (EAA) AirVenture at Oshkosh in Wisconsin has always been a staging ground for new and exciting aircraft developments and this year was no different. Remos Aircraft recently used the opportunity to unveil the company’s brand new REMOS GX lightweight sport aircraft.

The striking new GX is essentially an upgrade of the G-3. The aircraft has a 650-pound load capacity and a number of great new features. One of these is a modified airfoil that enables the aircraft to have better turbulence penetration. Another is a new dorsal fin that has been proven to assist with flight stability. The new aircraft is also exceptionally lightweight. It makes use of a new carbon fiber wing with a monocoque construction. The many new developments were unveiled at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh by new Remos Aircraft CEO Corvin Huber. During the unveiling, Huber remarked that the company could “never rest on laurels” and said that they would “always seek ways to refine or upgrade the basic design.” He also said that the “new GX enhances a proven and reliable aircraft, bringing the latest technology into the mix and assuring that Remos maintains its point position in Light Sport Aircraft going forward.”

The new REMOS GX light sport aircraft also has other new features that future owners can look forward to. An expanded cargo area, changes to the fuselage, a night visual flight rules certification and a ground-adjustable Sensenich propeller are some of the other features that the new aircraft enjoys. A number of enhanced safety features will also, no doubt, prove to be a huge plus to the discerning sport aircraft buyer. The REMOS GX light sport aircraft is also small, attractive and good value for money. It continues to be on display at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in Exhibit Hanger C if you are in the vicinity and want to get a better look. If not, you can learn more about it at Remos’ official website. The website carries specs, photographs and other detailed information regarding the construction and use of the GX model. Clearly this new and improved Remos aircraft will prove to be popular with an already loyal group of buyers.