Crawling with UFOs

IBM has released a new search engine at that focuses on UFOs. Do UFOs actually exist? Well, maybe, maybe not. One thing I can tell you for a fact is that when the U.S. military is developing highly classified aircraft, the public is not always informed. Sometimes these airplanes are mistaken as UFOs, and since the government is denying their existence, they’re not about to clarify the public’s misconception. At UFO Crawler, when you type in “Area 51” all kinds of things come up. After you wade through the trash, you can find some interesting links. Area 51 is one of the most well known U.S. government test sites for top-secret aircraft in development. Some refer to these projects as “Skunk Works” programs. Area 51 is where the U2 was tested, as was the SR-71 and the F117.

Many plane spotters are very serious about their hobby and dedicate a lot of time to documenting known and little-known aircraft. Some even specialize in researching aircraft that aren’t supposed to exist – no, not UFO’s – not exactly. They might be more accurately described as temporarily unidentified flying objects because eventually the public finds out about most of them.

Even highly classified top-secret airplanes under development will eventually have to fly somewhere as part of their test routine. That’s when they’re most vulnerable to plane spotters. One airplane that may be under development is the one that plane spotters have dubbed the SR-91 Aurora. What may be photos of the plane have been appearing on the Internet for years. Many believe not only in its existence, but that it’s the next generation stealth fighter, a replacement for the SR-71. Some believe the SR-91 is capable of obtaining hypersonic speeds of Mach 5 or more.

Certainly, if a plane like the Aurora exists, you can bet that until or unless the government acknowledges its existence, the only way we’ll find out about it is through plane spotters or those who mistake the stealth fighter for a UFO.