The Central Texas Airshow 2009 – A Weekend of Fun and Excitement

The Central Texas Airshow is set to take place 2-3 May 2009 in Temple, Texas, and everyone is invited. This popular airshow has been running for 22 years under the management of the Georgetown Pilot’s Association and, as with previous events, much of the proceeds will be donated to charity. The 2009 recipients will be the Children’s Miracle Network, an organization raising funds for children’s hospitals.

It is the goal of the Central Texas Airshow to promote aviation education relating to both civilian and military aircraft, by highlighting the progress that aviation has made from the early days of flight right through to the high-tech marvels of modern aircraft. The younger generation is encouraged to follow a career in aviation, either military or civilian. While many automatically link aviation with being a pilot, there are many facets to an aviation career and the Central Texas Airshow will open up the fascinating world of aviation to those who are interested.

Visitors to the Central Texas Airshow can expect two days packed with fun and excitement. The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team will show their expertise in the sky as the four pilots put their T-6 aircraft through their paces. Flying these World War II North American Advance Trainers, powered by 600 HP Pratt and Whitney engines, the four highly skilled pilots perform some heart-stopping maneuvers.

On a more light-hearted note, Mike “Spanky” Gallaway, who is new to the Central Texas Airshow, will carry out a series of tumbles, snaps and rolls in his modified bright red Pitts S-1 T. Paul Fiala, flying his bright yellow Great Lakes, will take spectators back to the crazy barn-stormer days when pioneering acrobatic pilots made history and put airshows on the map.

Also flying solo will be Captain Paul Brown, who will showcase the mind-boggling capabilities of his A-10 Thunderbolt II which he has nicknamed the ‘warthog’. This twin-engine jet aircraft was designed to be used against ground targets, including armored vehicles. The Blastards and EOD from the Commemorative Airforce will present a tribute to Vietnam Veterans as well as a pyrotechnics display.

These are just some of the many performances spectators can look forward to at the Central Texas Airshow. There will also be static displays, food vendors, picnic spots and more, so be sure not to miss this family fun event.