Honda Will Produce New Light Jet by 2010

Honda is now selling the HondaJet, their new experimental very light jet that the company says will roll off the production line beginning in 2010. The price for a standard HondaJet model will be $3.65 million. Honda has also applied for FAA production and type certification. Once they’ve gained FAA approval and have reached maximum production levels, Honda expects to manufacture 70 HondaJets per year.

According to Honda, the HondaJet has the highest fuel efficiency rating in its class and is the fastest aircraft in its class. The HondaJet has a maximum speed of 420 knots, a ceiling of 43,000 feet, and a range of 1,180 nautical miles. The light jet features a Garmin all-glass cockpit that can be customized to specification. Standard seating accommodates two pilots and five passengers. Alternately, it can seat two pilots and six forward-facing passengers. The HondaJet also features a full-private lavatory.

The aircraft takes advantage of composite technology that reduces its overall weight and contributes to its fuel efficiency. The two GE-Honda HF120 turbofan engines are the quietest in their thrust class. They also generate the lowest emissions compared to similar sized engines. Because the engines are mounted over the wing, more interior room is available than if the aircraft were fitted with fuselage-mounted engines. The HondaJet’s wing mounted engines generate less drag which contributes to the fuel efficiency. They also create a unique look.

Honda hopes that another draw will be the six inches of additional legroom for each passenger, and its spacious aft cargo hold. The nose cargo hold will hold another nine cubic feet.

Established in August 2006, Honda Aircraft Company is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. The HondaJet will be manufactured in the United States. Honda has also announced that they will work with Piper Aircraft to establish market share as well as sales and service for the HondaJet.