Corn Island Airport

The Corn Island Airport, as the name suggests, is situated on Corn Island, of Nicaragua. The little airport has recently had renovations done that included the construction of a new terminal and refurbishments to the airport runway. Due to the size of the airport, it during the business hours of 6:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoons. Air traffic at this airport in Nicaragua is controlled from an air traffic control tower that operates on two communication systems, namely the HF land-land radio system and the VHF land-air radio systems. These systems allow the tower to safely guide aircraft in and out of the airport. The Corn Island Airport is very important to the infrastructure of the island, and the renovations that were done included boarding platforms to the air terminal and cargo area. The newly renovated terminal has the passenger capacity of approximately a hundred passengers.

This airport in Nicaragua has one runway that is constructed from asphalt and is thirty meters in width and has a length of 1 450 meters. The runway at Corn Island Airport is able to accommodate a diverse range of different aircraft. The Let 410’s, AN26’s, Cessna Grand Caravans and Short 360’s can safely and easily navigate the runway. The smallest commercial aircraft that are dealt with at the Corn Island Airport is the L4T. This aircraft has the seating capacity of 21 passengers. There are currently only two aircraft carriers that operate daily flights from Corn Island to Bluefields and Managua. These two airlines are Atlantic Airlines and La Costena. Charter flights are also available from the Corn Island Airport, and are flown in a range of aircrafts. Small aircrafts usually fly six times a week.

The air terminal has been equipped with a variety of features such as a boarding area, an immigrations and customs division, administration offices, offices for the use of the airlines, metal detectors, X-ray equipment, DEA offices and a fire station. Parking bays have also been added to the airport, and can accommodate approximately thirty to forty vehicles at a time. Transportation to and from the airport is available in the form of taxis and buses. With tourism playing such a huge role in the economy of many Caribbean islands, the renovation of the Corn Island Airport will ensure the safe and comfortable travel of passengers.