MagLevAir Magnetic Aircraft

Everyone knows that one of the noisiest places in a city is an airport. With massive airbuses and other aircraft taking off and landing at regular intervals, airports are usually located on the outskirts of a city to avoid the city being subjected to the constant roar of jet engines. Three designers got together to combine their creativity and aviation knowledge to design a futuristic aircraft and system that will reduce noise levels at airports and help with fuel consumption of aircraft. They have named it the MagLevAir.

Deniz Ors, George Milde and Leonie Lawniczak are the designers of the MagLevAir, which they are hoping will assist the aircraft of the future during lift off from the runway. The MagLevAir is designed to shuttle the aircraft down the runway and then to propel it into the air, taking on the form of a type of catapult. This system will need a shorter distance for take off and will use magnets to launch the aircraft into the air. Aircrafts making use of the MagLevAir will also carry less fuel, either making them lighter or giving them a longer range with the fuel on board. As for the aircraft, in order for them to take to the skies after the MagLevAir has boosted them into the air, the designers have suggested the use of scramjets.

Unlike conventional jet engines that use air to spray their fuel into the compressed air that then ignites to produce the thrust needed to move forward, a scramjet uses the compressed air created by the movement of the aircraft. The MagLevAir will create the minimum speed needed for the scramjet to operate, and allow the aircraft to take off once it has been lifted in the air. The MagLevAir was designed for the use at smaller airports where space is limited and a reduction in noise level will be welcomed, as the new MagLevAir and aircrafts will transport their passengers to bigger airports, where larger jet aircraft are available.