Spain Airports

When the holiday period comes around and you are lost for ideas on where to go with your family, think no further than Spain – the ideal family vacation destination. The Spanish life-style naturally encourages family oriented holidays because the family is viewed as such an important institution. From the minute you arrive in Spain you will be overcome by the warmth and hospitality shown to you and the usual worries associated with a ‘family holiday’ will be a thing of the past. All you need to know is that there is more than enough sunshine and beaches to go around.

What is there to do in Spain you may ask? You have to go no further but to look around you at all the old historic buildings that the different beautiful cities and towns in Spain have. No matter where you travel you will be enchanted with what you see, with each of the different regions of the country opening your eyes to something new.

Spain has an array of airports to take you to your destination, wherever it may be. One of the airports you may make use of is the Barcelona Airport, which sees the second most passenger traffic in the country. If you want to see Barcelona or any small towns along the Costa Brava then this is the airport you and your family will use. The actual airport can be found only 12 kms from the Barcelona city center.

Just 8kms outside the city of Palma de Mallorca you will find the Palma Airport which is the third most used airport, and in summer can be the busiest airport in the country. Tenerife North Airport is probably not an airport that you will use much unless you are really taking an in-depth trip of Spain. More often than not, foreign tourists will visit Tenerife using the Tenerife South Airport. The Granada Airport is 16km west of Granada city and can be found in the plains of the River Genil. The Granada Airport handles mainly domestic flights but is slowly increasing the number of international flights it provides.

Airports in Spain: