The Reno National Championship Air Races & Air Show

If you love seeing airplanes in action, you simply can’t miss out on the Reno National Championship Air Races & Air Show. The air races feature six different classes of aircraft racing each other over a period of five exhilarating days. Not only will you get to see these beauties in action, you’ll be able to get real close to them too.

The Reno National Championship Air Races & Air Show has been taking place regularly since 1964 just outside of Reno, Nevada, USA. This year’s show will take place at the Reno Stead Field, which is situated roughly eight miles to the North of Reno. This is the only air show in the world which features real air racing, so if you have plans to attend, you’re in for a real treat.

Since it’s the only air show of its kind, you might find yourself asking what sort of things you can expect to enjoy at the event. Put simply, the answer is: “amazing aircraft flying at incredible speeds”. In the Unlimited Class, the aircraft may reach speeds of more than 500 mph! All that speed makes for some incredible race action. But while racing takes up a large portion of the event, it isn’t everything. Visitors to this incredible event will also get to see aerial displays by top acrobatic performers such as the USAF Thunderbirds. A number of other demonstrations will also be put on by civil flight organizations and the military. Of course, no air show is complete without a big display of static aircraft and you can be sure that there will be plenty on display at the Reno National Championship Air Race & Air Show!

Another great feature of this dynamic event is the fact that visitors can visit the ‘pits’ where they’ll see the different race teams working on their aircraft. They may even get to meet some of the top pilots! There will also be the usual mixture of yummy food, great beverages, merchandise stalls and aviation-related goodies on sale. The 45th Reno National Championship Air Races & Air Show will take place from September 10 to 14, 2008. So book your ticket now to make sure you don’t miss out on all the action!