ESL International Air Show

All airplane enthusiasts living in or around Rochester in the state of New York should be getting ready to attend the ESL International Air Show. The show is held at the Rochester International Airport each year and this year’s show will take place on July 26 and 27.

So exactly what can you expect to enjoy during the airshow? So far the flying displays look set to dazzle with the USAF Thunderbirds having already signed up to take part in the event. Other brilliant aerial displays will be given by the US Army’s Golden Knights, Tim Weber and the Geico Extra 300S, Greg Poe with the Fagen MX2, the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team and Randy Ball with his MiG 17. Fans can also look forward to the US Navy F/A-18C Hornet Demonstration, the USAF F-15C Eagle Demonstration, the “Angel 7” L-39 and the Air Force Reserve Biplane with Ed Hamill. The flying displays are scheduled to start at 9:45 and end at around 16:30, though static displays will be open from 9:00 in the morning on both Saturday and Sunday. There will be roughly 30 current military aircraft in the static display as well as a host of other aircraft and auxiliary equipment from Federal Express, so aircraft lovers will definitely be in their element. Airplanes lovers can also bring their families along as a number of different activities have been planned for the whole family. These include the Kiddie Kommando Area, the US Navy Dive Tank, the Virtual Army Experience and the US Army Drill Team.

There will be a wonderful variety of food vendors selling their wares at the ESL International Air Show, so your tastes will be more than catered to. Event organizers have also decided to use the show as a way for local businesses to promote their products and services, so you can expect to see plenty of interesting stalls and may learn something about a local business that you didn’t know before. Airshow vendors selling gift novelties will no doubt be plentiful, so if you would like something to remember the event by there should be no reason for you to leave empty-handed. If you are a little older and have been considering joining the military, you will find a number of military recruiters from each branch of the military available to answer your questions. So don’t wait another second – start making your plans to be at the 2008 ESL International Air Show today!