AAR Corp, Serving the Aviation Industry

Ira Eicher started to purchase military equipment and reselling it in 1951. This led to the birth of one of America’s leading engineering companies in the aviation industry, AAR Corp. What started as a small business venture, soon grew into an aviation powerhouse that is now located in Illinois and employs an estimated four thousand workers. It has gained international status, with offices in thirteen different countries, supplying both military and commercial aviation establishments with quality products and services.

The mission statement of the AAR Corp is simple. It strives to assist everyone in the aviation industry to maintain and purchase their aircraft and airplanes, with the best products on the market, at competitive and affordable prices. Over and above the services they provide and products that are sold, AAR Corp also leases and sells leading brands of jet engines and commercial planes. This is possible through their diverse divisions, which are Structures and Systems, Aircraft Sales and Leasing, Aviation Supply Chain and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul. AAR Corp is committed to providing not only satisfactory, personal customer service, but to ensure that every product they sell or service provided meets their strict safety and quality standards.

Commercial airline companies and establishments can look to the AAR Corp for a range of products and vital aviation services. AAR Corp specializes in maintenance, repair and overhaul products, and services on airplane components such as landing gear, wheels, brakes, as well as component repairs and even modifications. Parts, such as engine and airframe parts, are also supplied by AAR Corp. They are able to assist with structural, power and cargo structures. Companies also have the freedom to speak to AAR Corp in regard to cost saving procedures and the best options available to maintain their airplanes.

Military aircraft often need more sophisticated options to suit their needs and aircraft purposes. For example, the C-130 Hercules and the CH-47 Chinook depend on their in-aircraft cargo loading systems, which are maintained and installed by AAR Corp. They always ensure that any product that is supplied to the military is easily used, deployed and maintainable, even in the field. Specific requirements, such as for the military, are a specialty and a division within the AAR Corp structure that receives as much dedication and time as the commercial division.

AAR Corp is an aviation company that supplies and cares for the entire aviation industry. Many lives depend, and are saved, by the high quality products and rigorous safety procedures that are followed. For any aviation parts, aircraft, maintenance, structural advice and flawless service, AAR Corp is more than capable of accommodating everyone in the aviation industry.