Aerospace Museum is Restoring a Curtiss JN-4D Bi-Plane – Airplanes

The Niagara Aerospace Museum has hired the Niagara Frontier Vintage Aircraft Group to restore a rare World War I airplane that they have recently acquired. Known better by its nickname “Jenny,” the Curtiss JN-4D was manufactured by The Curtiss Factory in Buffalo, New York in 1918 for military flight training. Though close to 5,000 of the aircraft were produced, only 37 of them remained by 1937.

The mostly wood plane requires major restoration, including the wings and landing gear. They are replacing the rusty metal rods in the bi-plane’s Curtiss OX-5 V-8 engine with new aluminum ones. Restorers have already replaced the tires with new motorcycle tires supplied by Dunlop. They plan to leave some of the Jenny’s woodwork open to allow museum visitors to see inside the plane. Museum officials estimate that the renovation job will take several years to complete.