Radio Controlled Airplanes – A Fantastic Hobby for Aviation Enthusiasts

Some would argue that radio controlled (“RC”) airplanes are the domain of those who didn’t have what it took to become a pilot. But the ever-expanding fan-base of people who participate in this hobby will tell you that that is not true. Many RC Airplane controllers are skilled pilots while others have never even flown before.

Radio Controlled Airplanes are a fun way to take to the skies without even leaving the ground. They combine a love for flying with the fun of playing games, the skill of steering an aircraft and a basic knowledge of mechanics. Thus, they appeal to people of all ages and all skill levels. For some, flying RC Airplanes is a bonding experience – a time when two or three generations of family members can get together to while away the hours whilst focusing on a mutual interest. For others, RC flying is an exciting way to test their piloting skills long before they’ll be old enough to actually sit in a real cockpit. There are so many different facets of the hobby that there is really no singular reason for why people participate in it.

So what is a Radio Controlled airplane? Simply put, it is a model airplane that is controlled via a radio control. Unlike other model airplanes, which are smaller and have virtually no flying ability, RC model airplanes are designed specifically to be capable of flight. Their parts might be fairly simplistic, but they still require some technical knowledge to assemble. Most RC airplanes are controlled via a hand-held transmitter which sends command signals to a receiver placed within the aircraft. The controls usually take the shape of a joystick control mechanism which, when in use, causes small mechanisms within the aircraft to move correspondingly.

Recent years have seen an increase in the use of RC airplanes. RC model aircraft kits and spare parts have become more readily available and less expensive and this has made the hobby more accessible in many different countries across the globe. Currently there are a wide variety of RC model aircraft available to suit different preferences or budgets and aircraft may be powered by electric batteries or by fuel motors.

In addition to the use of RC airplanes as a hobby, they are also used for scientific research and military experiments. RC aircraft can be used to test new aerodynamics, to take in information regarding the weather or even as a spying device. If flying a radio controlled airplane sounds like your idea of fun, why not shop around for a kit and start enjoying your new hobby? You won’t regret it!