2008 Aircraft Interiors Expo

The Aircraft Interiors Expo is considered to be the largest exhibition in the world that is exclusively devoted to interior design and cabin systems engineering for airplanes. The 2007 event was a resounding success with representatives from 75 countries and more than 100 airlines gathering to inspect the latest developments in cabin interiors. The 2008 Aircraft Interiors Expo is set to take place from 1 to 3 April in Hamburg, Germany, with exhibitors and attendees getting ready to network, negotiate and conclude big business deals.

Most passengers don’t even give a thought to all the products and equipment that go into an adequately equipped airplane interior, until they find something to complain about. In the competitive market of aircraft manufacture, suppliers are continually coming up with products to make flying a pleasurable experience. Visitors to the Aircraft Interiors Expo can expect to see every possible product related to airplane interiors, and exhibitors are given the opportunity to meet with some of the key decision makers from many major airlines.

With volumes of air travelers constantly increasing aircraft manufacturers take great care in choosing seating and fabrics for durability and comfort. In-flight entertainment, especially on long-distance international flights, is a very important aspect of the interior design of an airplane. Efficient galley systems and food service equipment are essential in seeing to the needs of the passengers promptly, which can help to make the flight attendant’s job easier. For the sake of hygiene on a crowded airplane, toilet systems need to function properly and be user friendly. On a long-distance flight, interior lighting becomes an important factor for comfort, with some passengers choosing to sleep while their neighbors may prefer to read. Other features like floor coverings, overhead baggage storage and cabin maintenance products need to be given serious consideration.

From a safety point of view, exhibitors will be displaying the very latest in safety equipment, from hand-held fire extinguishers and oxygen delivery systems, to seatbelts, life jackets and more. With technology rapidly moving ahead, communication technologies are a vital feature of the Aircraft Interiors Expo that exhibitors and visitors pay careful attention to.

To encourage manufacturers to reach out for excellence, the Crystal Cabin Award honors innovative aircraft interior design. Donated by the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, this unique honor for exceptional cabin products and concepts was presented for the first time at the 2007 Aircraft Interiors Expo. Categories for entry into the competition include “Entertainment and Communication”, “Greener Cabin”, “Material and Components”, “Passenger Comfort” and “Health and Safety”.

With more than 500 exhibitors expected to display and demonstrate their products to visitors at the 2008 Aircraft Interiors Expo, there is little doubt that this event will be a success – to the benefit of all concerned.