Shanghai Hosts 2008 Commercial Aircraft Forum China

The 2008 Commercial Aircraft Forum China is set to take place in Shanghai from November 19 to 21. This massive gathering of members and interested persons from the Commercial Aircraft Industry will cover almost every facet of the industry imaginable. It has grown considerably in recent years with the growing interest in the industry.

The Forum will see the gathering of more than 200 industrial decision makers as well as a number of professionals dedicated to the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft. The entire forum will cover a variety of topics, such as equipment parts, manufacture, maintenance, advanced technology and materials, supports, MROs, PMAs and the infrastructure system. The 2008 forum will no doubt be bigger than ever before with the amazing progress that has been made by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (CACC) in the past year. This state-owned mega company has furthered China’s aerospace industry in leaps and bounds by providing major domestic aircraft manufacturers with exciting new opportunities. The CACC will take the lead in the ARJ-21 and jumbo aircraft design program in an attempt to reinforce the Chinese aerospace industry.

As if the recent success of China’s aeronautics industry wasn’t enough, the CACC is already expecting more subsidies for the Commercial Aircraft Project from various government officials. Up until this point some 2.8 billion USD has already been injected into the project. But money isn’t the only thing that guarantees the success of this initiative; despite the fact that the state owned airlines already have a stable customer base, there are currently an estimated 1.3 billion people who are becoming increasingly wealthy and who regularly travel aboard. It is people such as these who have contributed towards China having the world’s fastest growing, as well as the second largest, market. The country currently accounts for over 10% of the global demand for aircraft.

Despite the fact that these projects are doing so well, one still needs to consider that Chinese manufacturers will have to compete with the big names that have already been in the business for years. They will also have to iron out all the kinks and establish a smoothly operating chain of supply as well as other things. They will also need to be certified to fly abroad. With that in mind, the Commercial Aircraft Forum China 2008 will provide the perfect stage to continue to develop and further the already burgeoning Chinese aeronautics industry.