Hybrid Power by Siemens and EADS

Scientists and engineers seem to be working around the clock to find solutions and create innovative green technology that will reduce damage to the environment. In the motoring industry, vehicles such as the Chevy Volt, the Kisker Karma and the Toyota Prius have revolutionized efficient motoring options that are less costly to run, as well as being much quieter, reducing noise levels dramatically. Now, Siemens and EADS are working together to do the same in the aviation industry, in the form of the DA36 E-Star.

For the EADS and Siemens team there is only one goal in mind, and that is so create an aircraft that will reduce noise levels and emissions. Together they hope to be able to reduce the noise level of the DA36 E-Star by at least twenty-five percent. As reducing the noise levels while the aircraft is on the ground is most important, the team is looking at having the E-Star operate only on battery power while taxiing on the ground and during takeoff, while being able to run at an even speed while in the air. The concept will reduce the use of gas dramatically and reduce the noise level where it is needed most. Less fuel usage also means less emissions being released, and once pilots are in the air they can turn their aircraft into the direction they need to fly in, and be able to maintain a specific RPM while in the air, even though it does not offer the known stop-and-go options that are usually found in hybrid vehicles.

The gas engine that is located in the aircraft is solely to power up the battery that runs the motor, and therefore has no part in creating power for the engines of the aircraft. This gas engine will be an Austro Engine, which is a Wankel rotary engine, and able to provide forty horse power. The hybrid power will in turn provide power to the seventy kilowatt electric motor that is provided by Siemens. Other electric aircraft have been in existence, but are also striving to generate longer traveling distances on the battery power. It is hoped that continued work on the battery technology and drivetrain will enable the DA 36-E-Star to reach these goals.