Visit Hill Aerospace Museum

Museums are a visual and interactive way of documenting and preserving history. They tell stories of heroism, bravery and courage, which may not have been known if museums did not exist. The people who take care of the museums share the same goals: to educate the public, document the road from past to present, and bring honor to those who have paved the way to change and the future. To preserve aviation history and the artifacts that have survived as reminders to aviation pioneers, the Hill Aerospace Museum was founded in the year 1981.

As a part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program, the Hill Aerospace Museum opened its doors to the public in 1986, and was moved to its permanent home on the Hill Air Force Base in Utah in 1991. Each year, the museum welcomes approximately 180 thousand local and foreign visitors to its attractions and activities. The museum is aimed at preserving the history of the Hill Air Force Base and has acquired a magnificent collection of a vast variety of items and exhibits, which can be viewed in the museum, in the Lindquist Stewart Fighter Gallery and in the Major General Rex A. Hadley Gallery. More than thirty acres of Hill Air Force Base was set aside for the museum so as to accommodate exhibits that cannot fit into a display cabinet.

Visitors to the museum will be able to view uniforms, artifacts, aerospace equipment, military accessories, aircraft and vehicles. One of the popular attractions of the museum is the Food-For-Life Day, which is held annually and will be hosted again in September 2008. During this charity event, the museum, which is usually free for admission, charges visitors an admission fee of one item, or canned, non-perishable food. All the admission collections are donated to charity, but the day also allows visitors the opportunity to get closer to the exhibits than is usually permitted. Visitors will have the chance to touch and even sit in the cockpit of some the most extraordinary military aircraft.

The museum hosts a variety of educational programs, but also has a team that is able to travel to schools and fairs. Programs consist of replicas, plastic models, videos, presentations and fascinating historical facts about the Air Force Base. Other educational workshops include Rocket Day, Plane Talk Workshops, Poster Competitions, Essay Competitions. Scavenger Hunts, Pre-Schoolers’ Story Time and interactive learning activities.

Clean and spacious restrooms are available at the museum, and all the buildings and exhibits are wheelchair accessible. Souvenirs, such as jackets, toys, model airplane kits, shirts, postcards, caps and books, can be purchased from the Flight Line Gift Shop. The Hill Aerospace Museum is a magnificent sight to visit and a noteworthy attraction for foreign tourists.