2008 Air Magdeburg – An Exciting Air Show and Expo

Every so often the German city of Magdeburg sees fit to host a massive air show known as the Air Magdeburg. The event sees aircraft from all over Europe and the world make their way to one location to thrill the public and give them greater insight into the many varieties of aircraft and the latest industry developments.

The 2008 Air Magdeburg promises to be bigger and better than ever before. The event, which will take place from September 5 to 7, will see a large number of private, sport and business aircraft on display. The various types of aircraft and technology will be categorized as follows in the exhibition areas: business aircraft; helicopters; single and twin-engine aircraft; VLA- and ultralight aircraft; motor gliders and gliders; trikes, dragon- and paragliders; electric, piston and jet propulsion systems; avionics; equipment; accessories; rescue systems; aircraft, pilot and airport equipment; safety/security-systems; insurance; finance; general services; aircraft maintenance; tools & parts; second-hand aircraft market; and antiques. The second hand aircraft market will be the perfect place to pick up a cheaper, used aircraft if you are in the market, while no aircraft owner can afford to miss the tools & parts part of the show.

The 2008 Air Magedeburg air show will also be honoring the fact that Germany has enjoyed 100 years of powered flight. In doing so, it will pay special tribute to Hans Grade, one of the greatest pioneers of aviation and possibly the most notable aviation figure in Germany in the years immediately following the Wright brother’s first flight. Grade is generally considered to have made Germany’s first flight and he was a brilliant aircraft designer and engineer. After improving on his original tri-plane with a monoplane, he managed to win a competition that allowed him to found a flying school and mass produce his ‘Libelle’ (dragonfly) aircraft, thus making flying more accessible to people in general.

If you would like to attend the 2008 Air Magdeburg air show, you will find that the show grounds are easy to reach and that accommodation is plentiful. An average ticket will only cost you about seven euros, but discounted rates are available to families, students, severely disabled people and the unemployed. So get to the 2008 Air Magdeburg and make the most of this great event.