Aviation Nation: Heritage to Horizons

The Las Vegas air show, Aviation Nation, which takes place at the Nellis Air Force Base is one the largest public events in Nevada, USA. It is also one of the most entertaining and diverse events, showcasing a large variety of aircraft. The 2007 show, taking place from 10 to 11 November, will be a salute to Air & Space power by hosting the grand finale of the year long United States Air Force’s 60th Anniversary celebrations.

“Heritage to Horizons” is the theme of the 2007 Aviation Nation that will spotlight the history of American aviation as well as the more recent accomplishments of America’s military forces that have been involved in operations around the globe. This will be done by means of numerous air demonstrations and ground displays involving more than a hundred civilian and military aircraft. The United States Air Force will display its current inventory of frontline fighter airplanes, bombers and transport aircraft, including America’s 21st century fighter, the F-22A.

For the fifth year running National Aviation Hall of Fame, featuring famous astronauts, war heroes and test pilots, will be part of the VIP activities of 2007 Aviation Nation.

Thunderbirds squadron, an Air Combat Command unit comprising eight pilots, four support officers and approximately 120 support crew, will perform extraordinary precision aerial maneuvers that demonstrates the capabilities of the nation’s high-performance combat aircraft and highly trained military personnel. Years of training and preparation has equipped these dedicated people with a level of skill that inspires confidence in their audience wherever they perform. Thunderbirds have been seen by more than 315 million people all over the world since being established in 1953. Their performances during the Aviation Nation air show will leave audiences awestruck.

Aviation Nation received the 2006 Dick Schram Memorial Community Relations Award from the International Council of Air Shows. This award was established in 1988 to acknowledge the efforts of military air shows being used to improve community relations. Aviation Nation has received numerous other national and international awards for excellence since its inception in 2002.

Aviation continues to be a fascinating subject, and the constant technological advances are astounding. A visit to the Aviation Nation air show will help visitors to appreciate just how sophisticated modern aircraft have become.