New Hawker 750 Certified

The Hawker aircraft have been extremely successful in the aviation industry, with the Hawker 800 series being very popular. Expanding the Hawker range and allowing customers a choice according to their needs and specifications, led to the design and production of the Hawker 750. On 8 February 2008, the Hawker 750 was certified and Hawker Beechcraft Corporation has proudly begun filling orders for their customers. The Hawker 750 has brought a fresh and economical new aircraft to aviation.

When comparing the Hawker 750 to its predecessor, the Hawker 800 series, there are a few noticeable changes. The first change in the Hawker 750 is the reduction in passenger accommodation. On the Hawker 800 range, there was seating space for fifteen passengers, while the new Hawker has only made allowance for eight. This is all in line with the vision that designers and engineers had for the aircraft, to reduce the weight of the aircraft and increase performance. The winglets and ventral fuel tank that is found on the Hawker 800 series has also fallen away, with the compartment for the ventral fuel tank becoming an additional baggage compartment. The fuel tank on the Hawker 800 series is able to carry 10 thousand pounds of fuel, while the Hawker 750 carries 8 500 pounds. Its 3 919 kilometer range, which enables the aircraft to fly to many destinations in one day, is impressive.

The features that have remained the same on both aircrafts are the cabin, the engines and the operational systems. Both aircraft use IFIS, top of the range Collins Pro Line 21 avionics equipment and map overlays that are enhanced for greater accuracy and navigation. Two Honeywell TFE731-5BR engines power both aircraft, which are each able to produce approximately 4 660 pounds of engine thrust and as the Hawker 750 is a lighter aircraft, it performs significantly better than the Hawker 800 series. There have been no changes to the cockpit, and with a width of 1.83 meters and a height of 1.75 meters, it is the biggest cockpit in the light-midsized jet range of the Hawker Beechcraft Corporation range and in competitors’ aircraft. The change in weight allows the Hawker 750 to take off on a shorter runway, but the reliability, comfort and safety of the aircraft has been retained to the same standard that has made Hawker Beechcraft products popular.

The price tag on this magnificent new light-midsized jet is said to be between $11.95 million and $12.2 million, and customers such as NetJets have ordered thirty of the new planes. Now that the Hawker 750 has been certified and once the planes have taken to the skies, the next step forward will be international certification.