New Garrow Aircraft A Novel Concept

At first glance it resembles some sort of toy – a sort of cross between an airboat and a paper jet – yet the new Verticopter is certainly not just a fanciful plaything for children. This innovative new aircraft is the latest creation to be developed by Garrow Aircraft and it is almost ready for mainstream production.

As it glides through the air the new Verticopter may remind you of a manta ray gliding effortlessly through the waters of the ocean. This striking new innovation combines Short Take-Off and Landing (STOVL) capabilities with Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) abilities, with only the loading conditions dictating which of the two should be used. It is small, streamlined and ready for an incredible variety of different uses. Garrow Aircraft has foreseen that the Verticopter can serve both the military and civilian purposes and its versatility will no doubt serve to be a big factor when it comes to sales. The aircraft has been several years in the making and is fast nearing completion. It has already passed a number of critical phases in final design as well as in simulator performance and product benchmarking. There is certainly no much that can get in the way of this aircraft. The Verticopter is described as a “co-axial tilt-prop flying wing” or a “convertiplane“. which relies on a fairly simple prop-tilting mechanism to change the thrust vector of the aircraft. The rest of the aircraft is built around this mechanism and so it occupies a rather unique place in the center of the wing. However this does not make it less streamlined and the aircraft’s aerodynamic performance ranks on par with the best turboprop airplanes currently available on the market.

The never-before-seen design of the aircraft can now be viewed by any interested parties on a website dedicated to the VerticopterTM at The privately-owned Garrow Aircraft design firm is incredibly proud and excited about their new product. The transportation of VIPS, unmanned military surveillance and medical evacuations are just some of the industrious roles that the company hopes the aircraft will be used for. Anyone wanting to know more about the Verticopter can visit the official website for specifications, datasheets and a great flight simulator.