AirVenture 2008 Casts Spotlight on Homebuilt Aircraft

Every year the Experimental Aircraft Association holds its AirVenture celebration, but lately fans have been worried that that the event is slipping further and further away from its homebuilt roots. Indeed, it has been giving more and more floor space to plane manufacturers like Cessna and Cirrus over the years, but this year the EAA is attempting to ensure that homebuilt aircraft gets the spotlight.

EAA has done their best to ensure that homebuilt aircraft get adequate representation at this year’s AirVenture by inviting almost 1000 homebuilders to the event. The show, which will take place from July 28 to August 3, will gives home aircraft builders a chance to not only show off their produce, but also to share building tips with peers. The EAA will also be recording a “Hints for Homebuilders” segment during the course of the event. The video will feature any homebuilders who feel that they have helpful hints and tips to share on their trade who feel they would like to become a part of the popular online video series.

Another aspect of the EAA AirVenture 2008 will be the “30 000 & Climbing” celebration. The event marks the building milestone of 30 000 certified experimental amateur homebuilt aircraft and the honorary 30 000th homebuilt will be on display at AeroShell Square on July 30-31 for all to see. Pilots who want to take part in the events by flying their homebuilt during the course of AirVenture will be given an “I Flew My Homebuilt” 2008 commemorative patch to mark their achievement.

Other aspects of this year’s AirVenture to look forward too include workshops for those interested in building an aircraft or for those already engaging in the activity who would like to improve their existing skills. The workshops are modeled on the highly successful EAA SportAir Workshops and will cover a number of tasks such as sheet metal construction, engine assembly, riveting and more. If this is the aspect of the event you are most looking forward to, you will find the Worshop Area adjacent to the Forums Pavilions.

Those attending the 2008 AirVenture will also be able to watch the air showcase of homebuilt aircraft, which will feature a review of 15 to 20 different aircraft. The annual Homebuilders Dinner will take place on July 31 at 18:00 at the EAA Nature Center. Besides enjoying the association of other homebuilding enthusiasts, builders at the fair will be interested to see who walks away with the prizes – especially the prestigious gold “Lindy” Award. If you also want to see who wins the Lindy Award, make sure that you don’t miss out AirVenture 2008!