New Multi-Purpose Hybrid Unveiled by Falx Air

With everyone looking for newer, more efficient and versatile vehicles it seems transport of all sorts is undergoing a sort of revolution. Almost every single car, ship and airplane development company seems to be experimenting with new and exciting ways to go green and Falx Air certainly isn’t being left behind on the technological band-wagon.

Falx Air’s latest concept is a Hybrid Transport Aircraft that combines the best and more recent technology with the highest standards in environmentally friendly transport. The aircraft is incredibly versatile and can serve as a light cargo platform, a surveillance aircraft, a Very Light Hybrid Transport (VLHT) vehicle or a mid-air re-fueling vehicle. As a VLHT it can be adapted perfectly to cater for medical missions as it can be adapted to carry four stretchers, two medical staff and an additional six passengers. The aircraft design combines hybrid electric technology with solar cells and a fast charge battery system to provide the pilot with unbelievable fuel economy.

The streamlined aircraft is 34.5 feet long x 11.5 feet high and has a wingspan of about 33.8 feet. It is made from aerospace certified composite materials and weighs only 800 kg. However, despite its diminutive size and low weight, it is capable of carrying 650 kg! The aircraft is capable of a top speed of just less than 300 mph and has a comfortable cruise speed of 251 mph. It is also capable of short take-offs and landings and is quite at home on grass air strips should a paved runway not be available. The aircraft’s two engines have a fuel consumption rate of about 6.6 gallons per an hour and both engines work to drive magnet generators which in turn generate the electricity needed for operation. Embedded photovoltaics ensure that the batteries are slowly charged when the aircraft is grounded providing for even more fuel efficiency.

The exciting new concept aircraft is still under development in the UK, but it seems that so far things are going well. While no official date has been given by Falx Air regarding the development time-frame of the aircraft, it shouldn’t be long before the Hybrid Transport Aircraft moves onto the next phase.