The New CTLS HL Aircraft

Flight Design, a German aviation company, was responsible for the release of the CTLS, which was a technological breakthrough in the aviation industry. The aircraft is sleek in its overall design, with longer, more elegant features. It has become a popular light sport aircraft, as the CTLS was designed according to suggestions and comments by customers and put together through intensive research. Now, as the CTLS is settling into its superior light sport aircraft position, Flight Design has unveiled an upgraded model known as the CTLS HL.

At the Aero Friedrichshafen Show, the new CTLS HL was introduced to the public and was especially designed with customers operating in high altitude areas in mind. To create the ideal aircraft that could be used as a glider tug in extreme altitude conditions, numerous changes had to be made to the design of the CTLS in regard to its weight, power and structure. The alterations made by Flight Design has led to the development of the CTLS HL, which will change the future for operators working from airports located at high altitudes.

The CTLS HL will have a slightly longer wingspan, as it has been lengthened by approximately twelve percent. A horizontal stabilizer has also been added, and a turbo charged Rotax 914 engine has been installed to give the new aircraft additional power. The maximum take-off weight on the CTLS HL is 600 kilograms, and it has been uniquely designed to enable floating equipment to be attached, if the customer requires this feature. Another wonderful feature of the CTLS HL is its steering. Flight Design has taken into consideration customers who are unable to use their legs to steer an aircraft, and have therefore made the announcement that they will also be producing their new aircraft with hand controls. The hand controls will be able to adjust elevation, control the rudder and adjust power as needed. The installation or the removal of this innovative feature will only take a few minutes, allowing Flight Design to provide the ultimate product to all its customers. The CTLS HL is currently in flight testing, and if all goes according to schedule, future CTLS HL owners will be able to place their orders for this extraordinary aircraft shortly.