Airports Are Not Just for Waiting Anymore

Recently, I spent 24 hours at Vancouver Airport during a layover. Though I truly love airplanes and flying, I don’t like hanging out at airports for more than a few hours. And what I really don’t like is trying to sleep beneath bright fluorescent lights amid the noise of a busy terminal. I pride myself on being an experienced traveler, but I learned something the other day. If only I’d known about it while I spent those tedious 24 hours at the airport.

For just a little more than what I paid for wireless Internet access at the airport, I could have had Internet, snacks, beverages, television, reading materials, and comfortable seating. And, bliss of all bliss, a shower as well as a place to nap. The Plaza Premium Lounge isn’t just for the business class folks. For a reasonable fee, any passenger can enjoy the amenities. It makes waiting for your next flight a pleasure. The Plaza has more than one location at Vancouver Airport, and in fact, they have lounges at Hong Kong International, Kuala Lumpur International, and other airports around the globe. The Plaza isn’t the only company providing services at airport lounges, there are quite a few in fact. Some require that you invest in a yearly membership, which can be pricey. Prices vary considerably from one company to the next. But now the idea of an extended stay at an airport doesn’t sound so bad to me. I’m actually looking forward to my next long layover. Hardly!