New Zealand International Air Show 2008

One of the southern hemisphere’s most spectacular air shows is set to take place from Friday 7 March through to Sunday 9 March 2008 at the Hamilton International Airport in New Zealand. Aviation enthusiasts from far and wide are looking forward to the New Zealand International Air Show 2008 which promises three days of fun and excitement.

This “Wings & Wheels” event is combining a number of events into one. Apart from being able to inspect static displays of aircraft, visitors can look forward to a number of aerial displays, including aerobatics and parachuting. The famous Warbirds with their fighter airplanes will be battling it out in a dogfight. The Royal New Zealand Air Force will showcase the capabilities of their aircraft as well as the skill of the highly trained pilots in a breath-taking aerial display.

The New Zealand International Air Show 2008 is also playing host to one of New Zealand’s largest exhibition of classic cars, vintage cars, hot rods and military vehicles. In celebration of summer, an Outdoor Expo will give visitors an opportunity to check out the very latest products with regard to camping, caravanning, boating, fishing, canoeing, diving and just about anything else that is related to the great outdoors.

The program for Saturday and Sunday will start off with a parachute team display. Watching these parachutists jump from an airplane and then seemingly effortlessly manage to join up with one another and part again, forming patterns in the sky, while all the time hurtling towards terra firma, makes for nail-biting excitement. The Warbirds plan to put on an impressive aerial display in the morning, with an aerial dogfight taking place later in the afternoon. This glimpse into combat fighting of the war years makes one appreciate the bravery of pilots during that tumultuous time. In complete contrast to the airplanes of the past, the New Zealand Air Force will show the audience the latest in aviation technology as they maneuver their aircraft at lightning speed.

Back on the ground, the program includes “Big Rig Truck versus Dragster” races, blocart races and a V8 car parade and race to add to the excitement of the day.

The New Zealand International Air Show 2008 certainly has plenty lined up to keep the entire family entertained with this “Wings & Wheels” extravaganza. Don’t miss it!