The 2008 EAA AirVenture

Every year thousands of aviation enthusiasts gather for the annual EAA AirVenture convention. The EAA is a grass-roots aviation organization that has long been dedicated to the concept of making aviation accessible to everyone, while making it fun and ensuring that it is safe. The AirVenture convention is just a natural extension of their goals and this incredible convention has been held on the last week of July every year since the original fly-in took place in 1953.

Today this massive annual event is the one that everyone talks about. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, provides incredible opportunities for networking and sees dozens of spectacular air teams and pilots take to the skies to perform for the crowds below. The 2008 EAA AirVenture will certainly be no different. This is the place that people come to be a part of aviation instead of just talking about it. It is a place where they can get involved with almost every aspect of flying imaginable – from home-built aircraft to massive mega-dollar business-jets, from gadget manufacturers to NASA. There is always something for everyone at the EAA AirVenture!

The 2008 convention will officially start on Monday July 28 and will see plenty of flying action. Highlights for the first day of the event include a Nanchang CJ-6 anniversary mass formation fly-over, a Red Bull helicopter air show and the arrival of a V-22 Osprey and Boeing Dreamlifter. The week’s activities will then continue with a focus on Space exploration on Tuesday, which includes a rocket racing league demo flight. On Wednesday the focus will shift to the big names of the aviation industry, including a guest appearance from the legendary Harrison Ford who will be introducing a Fly-In Theater movie. Things start heating up on Thursday with the arrival of the F-22 Raptors and V-22 Osprey demo flights, while Friday will not only see a parade by international visitors, but also an air show featuring the F-22 Raptors, a Warbird Extravaganza, more demonstration flights by the Rocket Racing League and John Travolta will be making an appearance at the Fly-In Theatre movie. The fun will continue with the EAA Runway 5k run on Saturday, followed by more demonstration flights by the stars of the show.

Sunday will no doubt be the biggest day of the event, with the World’s Greatest Aircraft Departure Show showcasing an incredible variety of aircraft. All through the event the Theatre in the Woods will be running a variety of interesting shows, while lectures, fundraisers, informative stalls and informative discussions are combined with good food to make for the perfect week filled with great aviation. So get to the AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 and make the most of this spectacular event!