Houdini Centenary Air Show 2010

On 20 March 2010, the air space above the Melton Airfield will be filled with spectacular aerial demonstrations and exciting exhibition flights. It is here, at the Houdini – Centenary Air Show, that tribute will be paid to the first controlled powered flight, which was recorded in Australia, by Harry Houdini. Visitors to the air show can look forward to air craft such as the Tiger Moth, Winjeel, P51 Mustang, Hawker Sea Fury, Moth Minor and P40 Kittyhawk. Static aircraft displays will also have a large variety of airplanes to view, including a Piper Cub Special (1949) and a Gipsy Moth (1925).

Other events to look forward to are model aircraft displays, joy flights and entertainment for children. To enquire about ticket pricing and line-up for the day, visit the air show website at http://centenaryairshow.com/home/.

Date: 20 March 2010

Venue: Melton Airfield

City: Melton

Country: United States of America