Pay a Visit to Virginia Aviation Museum

If you love airplanes you simply have to make sure that you visit the Virginia Aviation Museum at least once in your life. This great museum is dedicated to the history of flight and features not only modern aircraft but reproductions of a number of famous early fliers.

The Virginia Aviation Museum is known for its great aviation museum exhibits and knowledgeable and friendly volunteers. Reproductions of the Wright brother’s kite, gliders and famous 1903 Flyer will transport you back to the very beginning of the history of flight in manned aircraft. A World War II diorama will provide interesting insight into the Tuskegee Airmen as well as the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots – a facet of aviation history that often receives little attention. All this enjoys the accompaniment of approximately 36 different vintage aircraft – the perfect way to spend an afternoon. This is where you will get better acquainted with aircraft such as the 1936 Vultee V1-AD and the Stars and Stripes – the first American research plane to cross Antarctica. But the displays do not end there. The visitor is then catapulted forward into the future as they get more familiar with the SR-71 Blackbird that is also on display. They can also explore a Navy A-4C Skyhawk and a Virginia Army National Guard UH-1V Huey, to name just a few.

Once the sightseeing is done, visitors can learn more about the scientific forces that come into play when a plane takes to the air. The scientific aspect of the museum will demonstrate how jet and piston engines create the power needed for powered flight and show how a wind tunnel works. It also gives visitors a chance to get behind the controls of a real J-3 Cub or pilot a flight simulator.

The Virginia Aviation Hall of fame pays tribute to the legendary men and woman who have made their mark on aviation history in this great part of the country. There is also a variety of aviation films and lectures designed to provide you with further information about flying, as well as art from the USAF Art Association. Clearly the Virginia Aviation Museum is no ordinary museum – this place takes history and makes it truly alive! So make a stop at this great museum today and make the most of a fantastic facility.