The EAA Air Venture Oshkosh 2007

Every aviation enthusiast knows that there is simply nothing more exciting on their annual calendar than the EAA Air Venture Oshkosh event. This year’s event proves to be no less interesting and promises to have the best of aviation history, technology, innovation and current trends as well as a look into the future of flying.

This year’s Oshkosh festival is set to take place from the 23rd to the 29th of July. It takes place at Oshkosh in Wisconsin in the United States each year at the same venue. Even if a new venue was needed, it would be difficult to find one since the average Oshkosh festival can feature rows that cover as many as 5.2 miles. As many as 2 500 different show aircraft may be featured in a single year’s event and there is a good reason that the festival doesn’t only last a day – the fact that you simply wouldn’t be able to see it all in so short a time!

Of course, the stars of the show are always the latest and greatest military jet airplanes. This year the F-22 Raptor is set to steal the show with high speed maneuvers which are so fast that the wings may end up with a small cloud of condensation around them. However, not everything at the show is about speed and maneuverability. You will find plenty of antiques, war birds, ultra light aircraft, homebuilt airplanes and even rotorcraft at the air show.

What’s more, the air show is a very hands-on affair and while you may not be able to get up close and personal with all the aircraft, you certainly will get to learn a whole lot about flying and aircraft in general. EAA members are allowed to inspect the craftsmanship and design of many of the aircraft at the show for themselves while children are given demonstrations and presentations which all relate to aviation and aircraft. They can fly simulators, build little airplanes, ride in a hot air balloon and discover the world of aviation!

So as the various events and line-ups continue to be announced, you’d better make sure that you’ve secured your lodging arrangements. This year’s festival is going to be bigger and better and you can be sure you’ll be blown away – especially if you’ve never been to an Oshkosh festival before. Start booking now!