Gimpo International Airport

Gimpo International Airport, formerly known as Kimpo International Airport, is managed by Korea Airports Corporation and is known as “Sky City” for its culture and shopping it provides. It is located on the west side of Seoul near the Han River and serves Gimpo City and all foreign visitors that come into the country. Before Incheon International Airport was formed Gimpo Airport was the main international airport for both South Korea and Seoul, now it is considered the second biggest in Korea. The airport is 18 meters or 58 feet above mean sea level and its coordinates are 37 degrees 33’29″N and 126 degrees 47’26″E.

Gimpo International has two runways, one is asphalt and is 3,200 meters or 10,499 feet long and the other is made out of concrete and is 3,600 meters or 11,811 feet long. Originally the airport was made up of just a runway, which the Japanese army built during the Korean War and was later used by the United States’ forces. The airport has now grown and has two international and one domestic terminal that can take on a total of 226,000 flights every year. It also has one cargo and two passenger terminals.

Today there is a subway that serves the airport and will take passengers into Seoul or you can take a bus to town or to Incheon International Airport. Since Incheon airport was formed, Gimpo has been restricted to only one international flight to Tokyo International Airport, as all other international flights are taken care of by Incheon.

Gimpo International Airport provides a variety of services to all but especially to the disabled. There are raised-point blocks and Braille signs for the blind on the elevators as well as information on flights and so on being broadcasted regularly. Two lifts are provided particularly for the disabled to help make their movement around the airport as easy as possible. Approximately 108 parkings are provided only for the disabled and the disabled marking printed on the floor easily identifies them. There are twelve handicap restrooms, which have special grips as well as automated doors, washbowls and toilets.