Cessna Considering New Light Sport Aircraft

Cessna has recently announced they’re considering producing a new light sport aircraft, similar to the now-retired 152. They plan to display a full-scale version of the aircraft at this year’s Experimental Aircraft Association convention in Oshkosh. Cessna hopes that feedback from attendees will help them decide whether to proceed with development of the new aircraft.

The Light Sport Aircraft category is new, but it’s the fastest growing sector of general aviation. To qualify, a plane’s gross weight can’t exceed 1,320 pounds, its maximum speed in level flight can’t exceed 120 knots, and it can’t have more than two seats.

Cessna will make a final decision within the first quarter of 2007. As with the two-seat 152 that ceased production in 1985, Cessna hopes the new aircraft will attract low-time pilots and student pilots. Undoubtedly, the lower fuel consumption as compared to larger aircraft will also be appealing.