Testing the New HondaJet

Honda is expanding its horizons by moving into the aviation industry. The first aircraft that was developed by Honda is the Honda HA-420. Now that it has reached its flight requirements and conforms to FAA specifications, it seems that the HondaJet will be able to go into full production by next year. And they have more up their sleeve, with another aircraft already outfitted and ready for testing, two more waiting in the wings as they are being assembled and a fifth aircraft that has been designed, but still awaits assembly.

During the late 1980s Honda began looking into the manufacturing of airplanes, and a prototype, the Honda MH02, was created by the Raspet Flight Research Laboratory at the Mississippi State University though the late 1980s to early 1990s. The HondaJet was introduced to the public at the 2005 EAA AirVenture Air Show, after test flights began in 2003. In 2006 orders for the new jet began rolling in and Piper Aircraft became marketing partners with Honda Aircraft Company in the same year.

At the beginning of 2010 is was announced that the first FAA conforming HondaJet was being assembled, which included hydraulic and electrical systems, landing gear, engine pylons, metal wings and fuselage. Due to component delays, display for FAA Certification was set back from November to December. The certification takes approximately twenty months, so production should begin in 2012. The plane was able to reach the company’s commitment to performance by flying at an altitude of thirty thousand feet and reaching a maximum speed of four hundred and eighty-nine miles per hour.

Honda Aircraft Company CEO and President, Michimasa Fujino, commented on the aircraft saying: “We are extremely pleased with the strong performance of the FAA-conforming HondaJet early in the flight test program. Our flight tests indicate the aircraft is handling and performing as expected, with excellent control harmony and stability.”

Through its commitment to the aviation industry, Honda has proved to be a company that takes transportation seriously, whether on land or in the air. The aviation industry is looking forward to the introduction of the new aircraft that Honda is developing.